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About Us


Seven Oaks Ranch

13345 West 199th Street

Spring Hill, KS 66063


Usually teaching Monday through Thursday, in the

afternoons and evenings.

Two Bit Training is owned and operated by Daphne Thornton, an equine professional with over 40 years of experience. We operate on the belief that our clients' needs come first, and are committed to meeting those needs. As a result, most of our business is from referrals. If you've found us on your own, please feel free to visit or call to get more information. You can always reach Daphne at 816-507-5928 or through email at

We would welcome the opportunity to earn your trust and deliver to you the best riding experience possible.

Basic Rates:


$50 for 30-minute private or semi-private

$10 additional for use of lesson horse


$30 for 30-minute flat schooling or ground session

$30 for 30-minute jumping schooling

Full training - $400/month plus board

Partial training - $300/month plus board

Training horses are accepted as space is available and after an evaluation of their potential and an honest discussion with the client about their goals and expectations.


Includes schooling and coaching fees, travel expenses, daycare, per diem and other costs associated with shows, including hauling, stabling, grooming and entries. Each show quoted upon request.

In addition to lessons, training and showing, we also offer sales assistance. You can see videos of our sale horses on our sale page, or by going to YouTube and searching for the channel Twobitkc.

We only accept horses for sale that we feel we can honestly represent and recommend. We would be happy to look at your horse for an evaluation of it's sale potential. When looking for a horse for you, we take in to consideration your budget, your level of experience and expertise, and your goals. There is a 15% commission charged when buying or selling a horse. This commission is not part of the negotiated price It is paid by our client after a sale or purchase is completed.

You can get a more comprehensive list of costs by clicking here.

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